Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bread & Butter Restaurant-Bakery-Cafe, Henderson

Exterior / Entrance
So we have come here many times already and we love this place!!! Located on our side of town, it's the first great bakery cafe that serves not only awesomely baked goods, but gourmet breakfast and lunch items that really represent a confident palate of flavors.  Coming from a big city, I was pretty disappointed by the dismal choices that Las Vegas (outside of the strip) had to offer, especially for the people who live here.  But Bread & Butter serves not only as a place to get a coffee and pastry, it provides that sense of locale that defines the individuality of a community.  It's fastly becoming our go-to place to satiate that need for breakfast or cup of coffee and pastry.

Display case and Counter Area
And there are a lot of choices so it's easy to get overwhelmed. Upon entering, you are greeted with an cornucopia display of Willy Wonka-esque pastries and danishes, (and a antique Coca-Cola machine) followed by refrigerated display cases of cakes and pies...  Then you have the Menu board that lists the hot items, which makes the decision making process even harder.  Being the the gluttons that we are, we'd get a pastry to split, order two entrees and then a dessert to bring home!

Sticky Bun
Not having every pastry they have to offer, our review is a little skewed, but we promise to try every one and then update the post!  The one pastry that calls to us again and again like crack is the Sticky Bun;  it is insane!!!  We do like our Sticky Buns, and this is one of the best, with a crunchy exterior that is unparalleled, it compliments a soft flakey interior with a gooey sweetness that does not overpower.  Along with the nuts, it's size and shape makes this the perfect breakfast snack!

Red Velvet Whoopie Pie
Another thing that you must order:  the Red Velvet Whoopie Pie.  Alan is a red velvet cake FANATIC; ever since watching the movie, 'Steel Magnolias' where the groomsman's cake was a red velvet armadillo cake with gray frosting, he has been fascinated with it's most unnatural color and sanguine look!

Well, their version of Whoopie pie does not disappoint- you know you're going to get a cake that is gonna be good when it leaves marks of red on the plate it's served,  it's super moist cake and you can almost taste that artificial red food coloring.  Along with the cream cheese frosting, it's a all around satisfying dessert!

Ham & Egg Waffle Sandwich with Rosemary Bechamel Sauce

Cross Section

Okay, now onto breakfast and lunch items: the number one most favorite item on this menu is the HAM & EGG WAFFLE SANDWICH!!! It's has Aged Cheddar, Smokey Ham, Egg Scramble covered in a creamy Rosemary B├ęchamel Sauce sandwiched between two soft Waffles.  The subtle flavor of Rosemary, along with layers of tasty cheese and ham, (no skimping out here) make for a delectable dish that is decadent for breakfast.  Totally our favorite and can't live without it!

Breakfast Burrito

Another item on the menu is the Breakfast Burrito-Scrambled Eggs, Potatoes, Tomato Salsa, Aged Cheddar with Ham, Bacon or Sausage.  We ordered it with Applewood Smoked Bacon, a really good thick cut slab!  The salsa is tangy and the burrito is grilled on a panini press which gives it a good crispy exterior.  Accompanied with a side green salad, it makes a good compliment to the Waffle Sandwich.

Another good dish is the BLT Grilled Cheese,  with Smoke Mozzarella, Applewood Smoke Bacon and Sauteed Green Peppers.

So not everything on the menu is to our liking (unfortunately).  The Egg Pizza-with Scrambled Eggs, Caramelized Red Onions, Red Skin Potatoes, Green Bell Peppers and Fresh Mozzarella fell a little short on flavor.  I think it could have used a something tangy to offset the cheese and the texture of the scramble egg and the pizza bread felt too mushy and soft.  Oh well, not everything can be a home run....

For lunch items that we had on prior occasions that are worthy to note: The Muffaletta Sandwich-with layers of Ham, Capicola, Salami, Mortadella, Provolone, Mozzarella, Swiss, Fontina, and HM Giardiniera Olive spread is a mighty good sandwich! Another one is the Corn Beef and Rye with Sauteed Cabbage, Swiss Cheese, house made Thousand Island dressing and whole grain mustard.  Bread & Butter has a solid handle on it's lunch offerings and is a formidable option for your midday meal!

For drinks, they have a huge display of root beer selections to choose from, and it gets mighty hard to choose from, ask the staff for recommendations. And they serve some serious coffee that delivers bold flavors that compliments any baked item!!

As for the staff, we love them!  They are the epitome of hospitality: incredibly friendly and patient, they are quick to give any suggestions to direct the customers to a satisfying choice.  They are always on the floor,  quick to clear tables and replenish utensils and frequently asking customers if they need anything which is the mark of good operations management.

Rating (Out of Five Stars)
1)  Food          5
2)  Service      4.25
3)  Ambience  3.75

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