Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bon Breads Baking Co. Town Square, Las Vegas

Located in a remote side alley in Town Square Shopping Center, there is a hidden carb oasis of a bakery called Bon Breads Bakery Co.  It is a relief and joy to have an artisanal bakery shop open to the public in Las Vegas, and being relatively close to our side of town, we frequently shop there like a corner bakery.

This store is different than a pattiserie, no croissants or danishes here; instead you will find unique and one of a kind bread loaves that will tempt you with their ingredients.

Now that we're starting to see the emerging independent artisan shops popping up in Vegas, it's starting to transform itself from a tourist-centric city into a community of urban dwellers who have the taste level for quality products and service.

Walking into this tiny shop, there is a relatively small selection of breads; here it's not about quantity but quality. The interior is set up as a modern French country, with Baguettes and loaves of bread set up in wicker baskets along the walls.  In addition, they sell fruit jams from Oregon Shippers.  We tried a couple of them; they were absolutely delicious!                                   

Master Baker Carlos Pereira has been baking and serving bread wholesale to all the Casinos in Vegas since 1999, and now her has set up shop to serve the public with his delicious, carb loaded creations.  Read about his bio and the history of Bon Breads on the website, it will make you appreciate the art of bread making and the dedication of one man in culinary industry. And it's great that he is part of Las Vegas history; it gives a sense of pride about this place!

Cherry Walnut Bread

We tried something different this time; we bought the Cherry Walnut Bread; this bread had a heartier texture, with the sweet tartness of the cherries mixed with the nutty walnut, this was a delicious departure from our mainstay breads.

There are no preservatives in Bon Breads, so you have to consume them relatively soon- a good tip if you think you wanna buy a lot and save them for later.  This is more in the tradition of European bakery tradition, where shoppers would go everyday to the bake shop for their daily bread.

White Chocolate Bread

The White Chocolate Bread is our absolute favorite; it has a fresh, soft chewy texture with bits of white chocolate sweetness that is terribly addictive.  it does not last very long in the house; it's perfect with our morning rocket fuel coffee!

We are so excited that this bakery is available to us and hope that it stays here for a very long time!!

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