Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crazy Pita Rotisserie & Grill @ Green Valley Ranch, Henderson

Crazy Pita Entrance

Our favorite Mediterranean Restaurant is Crazy Pita, this rotisserie produces some of the best tasting grilled meats and vegetables around.  It's a reliable, healthy dining choice and lunch is always packed, it's the most popular venue at Green Valley District! (my opinion)

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Grape Leaves
We had a great lunch outside; it was a warm, sunny day and we took Stella out on an outing!! Since it was her birthday, we decided to give her some special attention.  Next to the Crazy Pita is the Flea Bag Bakery & Bow-tique where we got her Birthday bone cookie and party favors for Sam and Frank.

We started out the meal with some cold carbs: the grape leaves had our appetites going with the citrus and tangy flavors complementing the rice-it's a great appetizer or a light snack.

If you order one of the main entree plates, get ready for a full meal!  Here, we have the Mezza Salad platter; Cucumber Salad, Roasted Red Peppers, Artichoke Hearts, Hummus, Babganoush, and Feta Cheese with Olives.  We added a Chicken Kabob for the Protein, (not that we needed anymore food) marinated cubes of Chicken is great to dip into the Hummus and vegetables!

Our favorites here is any of the Pita sandwiches: this time, we ordered the Chicken Pita with Roasted Red Peppers and Hummus.  It's all pretty much the same thing, just wrapped in with more carbs, but who cares?  Also, they sell the bread here, which you should get because it's one the best pitas breads available to us here in Vegas.

Another Pita sandwich that we get a lot is the Lamb-it's pretty decadent but soooo friction good!

Stella loves Crazy Pita!  As well as my big toe.........

Rating (Out of Five Stars)
Food           4
Ambience   3
Service        3

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