Friday, March 16, 2012

Umami Burger Los Angeles

Umami La Brea Front Facade 

Umami is a LA destination, a Burger to be experienced by every Burger enthusiast; it is our Mecca.  Every time we take our sojourn to LA, we make our pilgrimage to Umami and order our usual: the Umami Burger and the Cheesy Tots, with a nice, cool, squat Bundaberg Ginger Beer to wash it down with.  To say it simply, we are OBSESSED with this Burger!!!!! Hands down, The BEST BURGER on this EARTH!!

Umami Tablet
Taken from the Japanese word for fifth taste, Umami represents an elusive savoriness that occurs within various foods containing the amino acid Glutamate and Ribonucleotides.  Serving as a complimentary expansion to other flavors and primary senses, its rich profile with the coating of the tongue and watering of the mouth has been deemed the fifth primary taste.  Starting in LA, they have multiple locations as well in Santa Monica, San Francisco and soon to be in Las Vegas.

Low and Behold
The original Umami Burger is the only burger we get; we've tried the others, and although good, nothing can compare to the original.  The Umami Burger: house ground beef with Shitake Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions, a Roasted Tomato, a Parmesan Crisp and its own Umami Ketchup melts harmoniously like a well orchestrated orgy!

See the components of magic that's about to enter my mouth!

There should be a halo around this thing!!
The Umami: well seasoned and robust with flavor, it is not overpowered by the condiments nestled on top.  The Parmesan crisp adds a crunch unexpected yet compliments the savory Shitake mushrooms and the tangy roastiness of the Tomato. And with the addition of the Umami Ketchup and soft toasted bun, this culinary crescendo reaches its climatic apex with an order of the Cheesy Tots (not on the menu, its a secret side).  I have been known to cry in the past when they have run out of these!!!

These crunchy little nuggets serve just the right proportion of fried heaven and soft, starchy decadence.....And with the vast array of dipping condiments, you can find your favorite combination.  We're partial to the Roasted Garlic Aioli, the House Spread and the Jalapeno Ranch. Crack with a dollop of more crack!

As for refreshments, we have our fav:  Bundaberg Ginger Brew from Australia. It's got a potent kick to it, but cleanses the palate each time to the mouth to receive more Umaminess.

Condiments: the spice of life!

An honorable mention:  the Bacon wrapped Scallop Burger at Umami SF is a delicious alternative and a well, healed second place!  And now that Umamicatessen is opened Downtown,  we have even more reason to go to LA and try out all the new offerings that Umami dishes out!

Favorite Ginger Beer

Star Rating (Out of Five Stars)

Food           5
Ambience   5
Service       5

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