Friday, February 24, 2012

Bachi Burger, Las Vegas

Bachi Burger Entrance

Bachi Burger is a great independent restaurant that serves up burgers with an distinct Asian flair, which has become a popular trend on the West Coast. Given the fact that both of us are particular to that kind of flavor profile, it’s an easy attraction! In addition, their menu includes some more asian inspired items, like Chili Fried Chicken (Karage), Edamame, and Steamed Bao Sandwiches. They also have a special Boba Tea menu along side a milkshake and dessert selection, another nod to the East.

Pork Belly Bao
They have three different versions of the Bao: Peking Duck, Pork Belly and Short Ribs; out of which we ordered the Pork Belly and found it to be the most satisfying. As Pork Belly goes, it was on the lighter side, with the fresh Cilantro, Scallions and Radish complimenting the heaviness of the Chinese Black Vinaigrette and Hoisin Sauce.

I have had the Peking Duck and the Short Rib Baos in the past, and I have to say, it wasn’t very memorable.  But hey, it’s cool that you can even order Baos as an app before you get your burger.

Truffle Parmesan Fries

And of course to accompany any burger is the fries. And at Bachi, they’ve got a list of gourmet fries to chose from: Salt and Pepper Garlic Fries, Truffle Parmesan Fries, Sweet Potato Fries and the Oxtail Chili Cheese Fries. We took a look at another table’s order of the Oxtail Fries and definitely want to try that the next time, it’s as big as a plate of Nachos!
We always order the truffle parmesan fries and end up with the same conclusion: amazing taste but there's too little of the truffle parmesan sauce which ends up just coating just a small portion of the fries! We want more!!!

Kiki's Burger
Their list of burgers is just as extensive, and with so many ingredients packed into one burger, it’s hard to decide what you’re in the mood for, or what you think the taste is really going to be because one condiment could overpower all the other elements. 

I've been here a couple of times before and through some trail and error, we’ve honed in on the burger that we love the most - Kiki's burger!!! It has the best flavor profile: amazing taste with the three different kind of mushrooms, caramelized bacon, sweet onion marmalade, gruyere cheese, garlic chili aoli and still the burger essence came through, (neither the bacon nor the onion marmalade overpowered the trio of mushrooms).

Ronin Burger

The Ronin burger has Caramelized Onions, Japanese Cole Slaw, Miso Goma Dressing, a Fried Egg, Kastu BBQ Sauce and Yuzu Citrus Aoli. After a few bites, overall he said it was tasty, but would have liked the fried egg to be runny, (it's amazing when the egg yolk covers the meat to create a moist texture). Frankly when I had it in the past, I found the Tangy Katsu BBQ sauce to overpower everything in the burger.

Finally, we had the special new dessert which was the custard crepe with poached pear and raisins-it was really a light dessert and not for everyone, but it ended the meal on a light clean note.

On our previous visits, we ended the evening with the Portuguese Doughnuts and Coffee Gelato, which is delicious if not generous in its portion.

For drinks, I ordered the Strawberry Guava Milkshake which was excellent, the Momotaro soda, (White Peach and Strawberry).

Strawberry Guava Milkshake
The waitress who served us was extremely attentive and very friendly, as well during the entire meal, the runners and even the manager came by several times to attend to our every need. I'd say that it ends up being one the best burger places that infuses and Asian flair into an All-American dish.

Definitely worth going multiple times to see which dishes fits your taste best, but hands down the service experience is the best!! All in all, a definite go!

Rating (Out of Five Stars)
1) Food:                             3.5
2) Service:                          5
3) Ambience/Presentation:  4

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