Monday, November 26, 2012

Umami Urban @ 1520 N Cahuenga Blvd. Los Angeles

For me, Umami Burger has now become my  all time favorite comfort food, a consistently awesome, soul nurturing Burger with a signature flavor housed in an inviting, casual atmosphere; current and hip enough for the clientele without the physical discomfort of the zeitgeist, aka  'prison cafeteria design'.

Umami Urban is located inside Space 15 Twenty, a boutique like modern day outdoor mini-mall offering mostly archaic, specialized yet unpragmatic knick knacks, (although I love Hennessey + Ingalls Bookstore and could spend the afternoon there). Very pretty and a good attempt at mimicking a Euro urban streetscape.

Why I'm so fond of Umami Urban; well it's because this the place where I had my first Umami Burger- I can still remember that first bite, juices of deliciousness oozing onto my hands and plate and that heavenly, indescribable flavor combination that was quite simply....orgiastic....

Not to mention, I love the space; an open barn like loftiness complete with exposed brick walls, wood beamed ceilings and glass facades creates an open and free space while at the same time, makes a warm an intimate feeling perfect for Burger + Fries consumption.

I always order the Bundaberg Ginger Beer; it's the perfect drink to go with my meal, a nice sharp Ginger bite and effervescence that cuts through the fatty deliciousness - liquid palate cleanser.

As for condiments, my personal favorite along with the Umami Ketchup:  the Garlic Aoli and the the Jalapeño Ranch.  I pretty much make a combination of all three into one artery clogging dip and slather it onto anything edible on the plate.

Umami Burger is good everywhere, but in my humble opinion, it's seriously the best at this location and I cannot explain why.  Maybe the Grill keeps a consistent temperature, or the cook here is exceptionally well trained, I dunno but I find the meat to be at the perfect state-extremly juicy and just a hair on the side of cooked.  And not to mention the combination of Shitake, Caramelized Onions Parmesean Crisp, Roasted Tomato with Umami Ketchup is super diving.  I've said it before, this would probably be my choice of last meal on earth (I'd be eating about thirty of them, but hey).

And the must have side here is the Cheesy Tots, (an off menu item - you're welcome) which is also, the best here.  At this locations, they manage to fry them into this perfect scrumptious state: lightly crunchy exterior that disintegrates upon the first bite, revealing a pillow of potato and cheese that is basically a shovel for the multitude of condiments I pile on before snarfing them down.

This time, I ordered a dessert, which is unusual since I'm always stuffed before I get to that point, they happened to have the Apple Pie with Cheddar Crust which I adore.

It's not your regular Pie, the Apple is VERY TART, with the sweet taking a another a different state....  But I actually love tart desserts, the Cheddar Crust is really good, not overbearing at all and the combination is pleasant in the mouth.  It's probably good with a hot cup of Java.

Plain and simple, in the city where Burgers are an integrated component of the Urban fabric, Umami is it's Mecca, a pilgrimage I have no trouble making. It a must go for everyone, just please, leave me some Cheesy Tots ok? It's a crushing blow to arrive, only to find out that they've sold out.....Sad Alan...

Ratings (Out of Five Stars)
Food:            5
Ambience:    5
Service:        5

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