Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meat and Three @ 10940 Eastern Ave, Henderson

Whenever there's an opportunity to support a local business, I'm all in...and in this case, it's a no brainer; Chef Chris Herrin who has blessed us with 'Bread + Butter' has recently rolled up his sleeves and produced another F&B concept that is culinary dynamite.  'Meat & Three' is his latest creation, a new take on an American classic: Barbecue and sides, a concept resembling a modern gourmet picnic spread, evolving traditional comfort food with sophistication and quality (it reminds me of the food I used to get from my hometown NYC).  I couldn't be more excited about this new arrival for locals community!

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True to its Southern home cooking roots, Meat & Three concept is  simple;  you order a main (protein) and up to three sides which include hot, cold and dessert for a very reasonable price, given the quality of the food.  It's quick casual; you order and pay at the counter, grab a number and they bring the meal to the service delivery ever in my opinion.

The interior is simple yet thoughtful, the cool covered walls are warmed with the lighting and wood fixtures (I love sitting at the communal table).

With all the choices, it can be tough to make a decision; it was a toss up between the Fried Chicken and the Porchetta, both of which came highly recommended. And in terms of the sides, there are so many options that look amazing, I was already contemplating my next visit while ordering at the counter.  My final choices were:  the Fried Chicken with Carrot + Mint Slaw, Roasted Root Vegetables and the Mac N' Cheese. (no dessert this time, as tempting as they were).

The Main

I am pretty tough to impress when it comes to Fried Chicken, it's one of my favorite foods on this earth and I do eat a lot of it (not to mention I fry a pretty darn good piece of poultry myself).  So it's exciting to see what a innovative touches a Chef can present with a classic like this.

As everything started to come out, I noticed first the dark exterior of the skin, a deep brown umber hue with specs of spice covered crevices that  retain and lock in the moisture and flavor.

Biting into the crispy shell with an uber crunch, juices oozed out in waterfalls, making puddles onto the wax paper-I've never experience such a mouthwatering piece of poultry before, it was succulent in such a way that is diametrically opposite to its spicy exterior crunch.  Heavy on the Thyme and Sage, it also had a little heat to it-most excellent.

The Sides:

One thing about sides; there's always an excitement that come about when you're faced with deciding what side to get; which ones you love, what are the best combinations

Cold Sides:  Carrot + Mint Slaw

Do not bypass this dish, as vegetables go. this is the ultimate; an excellent combination of Carrots, Mint, Raisins with a sliver of Onion all in perfect synch makes it a refreshing, savory and sweet side  complimentary to any main.  Because it was so unique and surprising, it was the best side in my opinion, I am in love.

Hot Sides: Roasted Root Vegetables

A medley of Roasted Potatoes, Carrots, Parsnips and Turnips all of my favorites in one dish.  Again to my surprise,  there was a sweet and savory subtleness to the roasted component in lieu
of a normal caramelized charr one might anticipate.  Soaked in a delicious sauce, my brain was racked with synaptic misfires trying to connect with my taste buds in determining what was in it  - I wish I could make this at home.

Hot Sides:  Mac N' Cheese

This is such a BBQ staple that it is often most desired, yet is almost always disappointing - either too runny or not cheesy enough it can be ruinous!

But I can say, that M+3 has delivered probably the best Mn'C I've ever had; uncomplicated, creamy and with perfect consistency, it takes you on gradual journey from simple cheese blending to creamy decadence.

Cold Sides: Bacon Dill Potato Salad

I was brought a complimentary side (thanks!) and I'm so glad that they did, unlike any other Potato Salad, this was infused with Herb Dill (I love) and the soul richness of Bacon.  Not too heavy on any grease, the soft texture of potato starchiness shines through with added sophistication.

All I know for certain, I'm coming back each week to order up another Meat and Three combination until I've eaten everything on the menu..

Ratings (Out of Five Stars)
Food:          5
Ambience:  4
Service:      5

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