Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fukumimi Ramen @ 4680 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas

So another Japanese Ramen-Ya has graced this city and this time, it ain't in Chinatown! (in mini-mall Tokyo)  No this one is on East side by UNLV, where most of the students hang out. In any case, it just opened and once in a while, it's good to break away from the usual haunts (I still love you the best, Monta, but I wanna see what the others have to offer). Monogamy has no place in the F&B world when it comes to this glutton.

Fukumimi means 'Lucky Ear', and when I arrived at an off peak time period, the place was crawling with Japanese people (first good sign).  And the interior had a cheery and warm environment (aka, it actually looked like someone put some thought into it's design...I appreciate that)....good sign #2

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I love it when the weather gets cold here, it's the perfect time for a piping hot bowl full of Ramen.  And on a particularly cold day like Saturday, I was running from my car to get into the steam filled restaurant to warm up!

Inside, it's a bright atmosphere with that new restaurant feel (kinda like a new car...didn't want to use the smell reference...)  I was seated at the counter, where I could see all the action.  The owner was working the line, (the Ramen component) while another gentleman worked the fryer, both working furiously to dish out orders.

I parked my seat down a bar stool, hoping to get warm when I realized it was much colder at the counter; they had air vents blowing cold air to counteract all the steam emanating from the open kitchen (I was freezing by the time I left...must remember that I can eat here in the Summer...and not sit at the counter!!!)

So Fukumimi's specialty is Tonkotsu Ramen, a pork bone broth that make the broth thick with a milky consistency that is very filling.  It's accompanied with slices of Pork Belly, Boiled Egg, Bean Sprouts, Corn and Scallions...and Noodles of course...

There are other things on the menu, Chicken Ramen, a cold Tomato Ramen and Tan Tan Men (a spicy Sichuan dish);  as well, there are various Rice Bowls that looked pretty good too.

On the Appetizer list: the Chicken Karage was recommended,  (and at $3.99 for six pieces, it's a bargain) and it came out piping hot.  I loved the crispness of fried skin, followed by a moist bite of juicy chicken flesh that sears the roof of your mouth, as steam billows through the tears-heaven...  Thoroughly enjoyable and worth coming for-a must get item!

And when the boiling, hot cauldron of noodle soup arrived in front of my icicle hanging nose,    I enveloped my face into it's hot breath, inhaling the fatty oils feeding my fifth sense.  I ordered the Miso Tonkotsu, a blend I find most palatable.

My first visual: long, thick slices of Pork Belly cut in the most unusual way to which, I have not seen before in Ramen (not that I'm complaining, I ordered extra Chasu Pork and I practically got the whole bowl full of it - score!!!)

As for the Broth, (the most important component of Ramen in my humble opinion) it was smooth, lighter than I thought, it didn't have that unctuous, almost greasy quality that I anticipate/hope for, then somewhat regret after eating like buyer's remorse.  In this case, I could finish the soup sans regret.

Now with another Ramen Restaurant in the Vegas fold, it's getting very interesting; people will decide their favorites, alliances will be formed, friends will become enemies, families will be torn blah blah blah....  I'm just glad that there's more choices, I already have my favorite list, but that's for another post!

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