Thursday, July 19, 2012

Serious Biscuit @ Westlake Avenue, Seattle

Biscuit + Homemade Ham + Egg + Beecher's Cheddar + Apple Mustard

Apparently, we saved the best for last...before parting ways with Seattle, we destined ourselves to drop in on another Tom Douglas F&B outfit: Serious Biscuit in Westlake.  Now a note, this venue can be a little confusing; it's actually Serious Pie, denoting a Pizza Shop (also very popular) but from the morning to afternoon, it's transformed into a breakfast/brunch joint where Biscuits & Gravy are definitely the 'Get' item.

Now, Rick has a thing for Biscuits & Gravy, his Grandparents on the farm made them all the time growing up; now he's 'Chasing the Dragon' always ordering them and completely unsatisfied cuz it don't live up to the ones he's had.... until now

I remember on my cross country trip, I stopped in Wyoming, had Chicken Fried Steak with Biscuits & Gravy for Breakfast (so friggin heavy) by the time I got out to the parking lot, I threw up all that cream, grease and oil....lovely....

So we got one attempting to reenact memories of his childhood to fruitless avail, while the other's just trying not to toss his cookies.  It seemed that this culinary sojourn had doom written all over it right from inception....but happily, we were wrong (cue Bon Iver, mist rolling over the mountains)

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Upon entering, it's really mystifying; the building exterior makes you believe it's a large outfit, but once inside you find yourself in a somewhat cramped space; There's a pick up counter along a  bar, some hi tops and a singles counter....

It started looking like a take out-centric venue with some seats for in dining and I thought, here we go...and then I saw the Host Stand by the staircase hope glimmered through-there's another space for dining!!!

UP the Stairs we go, and now you can start to see the volume of the space, there's a shop called Soul Wine adjacent to Serious Biscuit all in one open loft. And once you've climbed the angled staircase bifurcating the space, you enter into a cosy upstairs loft; dark and really inviting. WIth skylights letting in natural light, it had great contrasts which I love (like a dark cave) and knew that it would be a comfortable atmosphere (even the communal tables were all right).

It's a cozy dining space with communal counter seating and balconies flanking both sides.  One side overlooks the Wine Shop and downstairs section while the other balcony look over what seems to be a huge Bakery factory a la Willy Wonka!  It's gorgeous to look at; large counters filled with condiments and dough, industrial
                                                     size mixing machines and proofers
with racks and racks of bread and pastries.
This was absolutely heaven on Earth for us-I immediately thought of ways to stay until Lunch was served so we could get us a pizza or something (so what's three hours in a restaurant...I wanted more...)
But I was overruled again, we had to get to Vancouver...booo.....hiss hiss...

Menu Rundown: Biscuits
The 'Zach' Fried Chicken + Egg+ Bacon + Gravy
Homemade Ham + Egg _Beecher's Cheddar + Apple Mustard
Corn + Green Onion Hush Puppies

Everything you thought you would love about this dish is true....The chicken is fried to perfection, the Biscuit is thick and dense with moistness with a crunchy exterior, the Egg and Bacon fulfills the Brunch Component and finally, the Milk Gravy brings it on home!  Every component in this dish was perfect in its own way.  It's not a big dish but it's super super rich and its soooo good, probably the best I've ever had!!!

This Biscuit would have gone under the radar had it not been for our very helpful and super friendly waiter!  He definitely called this his favorite:  Homemade Ham with Beecher's Cheddar and Egg with Apple Mustard.  I wish all Breakfast Biscuits were this good: the Ham was thick and exquisite with the right amount of saltiness, the Cheddar was sharp and tangy but the Apple Mustard is what I will remember the most; it's complimentary sweet and sharp flavor created this complex symphony that I can't let go of....I would go back to Seattle just for one more bite.....

Halfway through the meal, I had forgotten that they served Hush Puppies, and immediately grabbed our wonderful and accommodating waiter to get the kitchen to whip up a batch!  I hadn't had these since our family trip to South Carolina (that was an interesting trip.....) They were fried well with a crumbly interior filled with corn meal and green onion that finished off the Brunch in a satisfyingly good way...

I was really happy with this restaurant, the food the ambiance and the service was remarkable.     I think it was the culinary highlight of our Seattle trip!! Thanks to the Staff of Serious Biscuit and Tom Douglas for giving us their unique perspective of the Pacific Northwest and all it's offerings that make this destination for food + fun!

Serious Biscuit on UrbanspoonRatings (Out of Five Stars)
Food:          5
Ambience   5 
Service:      5