Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fluff Ice @ 346 W Huntington Dr, Los Angeles

With Summer in full swing, the outside temperature in Vegas can become unbearable, and most of our time outside is trying to decide where to duck and cool off inside...  And most of those places involve something very very cold...  

A saving grace for us is that we can hop on over to LA, where the weather is more temperate.  Luckily, we heard word of a new Shaved Ice store that really had our interests: Fluff Ice.  It's new concept, where flavors are integrated into the ice, and then shaved in a method that makes the ice creamy and soft. With regular shaved ice, the ice has a tendency to clump up into ice boulders, or the syrup melts the ice away into a soup... Their original location is in Monterey Park, we decide to go to their new outpost in Monrovia, which was along the way.. 

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There's a lot of flavors and toppings to choose from, heavily influenced from Asian desserts like Green Tea, Taro and Thai Tea.  If you get overwhelmed, you can choose from the Favorite Combo board.

Rick got the Original Combo Fluff: Original Fluff Ice with Mango and Strawberry with Condensed Milk.  A great way to introduce yourself to this arctic treat, you get the texture of the Fluff Ice combined with the fresh fruit flavor.  The Sugary Milk adds a sweet component that balances well.

I ordered the Sa Wat Dee: using Thai Tea Fluff as it's base, with topped with Egg Pudding, Lychee Jelly and Condensed Milk.  It's super rich and filled with satisfying flair.  The Thai Tea Fluff is sweet to begin with, like Thai Ice Tea, theres a sweet milk flavor already combined, so it's not necessary to add Condensed Milk on top.  The Egg Custard is yummy beyond belief, and Lychee Jelly is my favorite!!!

We can't wait to go back and try their other Combos, I think we just found our new go-to store for cold treats!!!!

Fluff Ice (Atlantic Times Square) on UrbanspoonRatings (Out of Five Stars)
Food:          4
Ambience   2.5   
Service:      3