Thursday, July 26, 2012

Little Delhi @ Eddy St, San Francisco

What we LOVE about SF:  the public transit, Union Square, the Bay, and the FOOD!!!  And not just the nice, high end fancy pants places, the places that are humble, down to earth and delicious.  SF has a plethora of awesomely divvy joints that on the outside, might seem somewhat unsavory, but deliver quality dishes that offer no pretentiousness...

Staying close to Union Square, we pass by this one restaurant all the time without giving it much serious thought.  BUt seeing that we were dying for ethnic food, our little iPhones gave us some suggestions, and told us to stop by LIttle Delhi.

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I had mixed feelings when I entered through the door; I was mildly intrigued about the history of the place, what with the diner counter configuration combined with the touches of Indian decorations all housed in a somewhat dilapidated commercial interior (heavily trafficked commercial carpeting,  drop ceiling acoustical ceiling tiles).  The mind reels....

But at the same time, I love it, where else can you get away with this and life's an adventure (plus I got a stomach of steel).  Let the feeding begin!!


To start off, we get the Mango Lassi- a cool and refreshing yogurt drink that wetst eh appetite and cools off any spicy dishes that we are about to partake.  While we what for our order, we get palate of pappadum with some green chutney and tamarind sauce, which I love to eat and put all over my food (it may not be authentic, but I love to pour the savory Tamarind and piquant Coriander sauces all over the Curry and rice-it's so much fun!)

So after what was to be a very short wait, our food arrived. Of course there's a heaping plate of Basmati Rice, which we tend to finish and have to navigate our stomachs home to an uncomfortable night of 'Rice Belly'...

While we had to order the Lamb Korma, we went a little different on our second dish, and decided to go for the Sag Paneer...

Now the Sage Paneer is a Non spicy dish consisting of Spinach curry with cubes of an Indian cheese which has the consistency of Tofu, with the flavor that is just as light.  It's been a while since I had this dish, (mostly when I was in company of vegetarian friends) but it's a lighter of Indian fare and it's compliments the other heavy, creamier curries that we tend to favor..

LIttle Delhi managed to deliver, their version of Sag Paneer was exactly as I had remembered and it met my expectations wonderfully.

I think the one dish that we absolutely cannot do without is the Lamb Korma, the sweetness of this curry dish is unparalleled and the rich flavor that unfolds in waves of spices and cream make this the ultimate dish in our book.  What I don't get is that there isn't that much in terms of portions, but I'm always feeling full after I leave...I don't get it.. oh yeah the Rice... and the Naan, it's a carb comatose!

In any case, Little Delhi is a great place if you're a seasoned Indian cuisine enthusiast, and want something familiar and comfortable and if you can see yourself getting a little down and dirty, definitely this is the place for you!!!

Little Delhi on UrbanspoonRatings (Out of Five Stars)
Food                  3.5
Ambience          2.75
Service              3