Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pie Face Bakery Cafe @ Broadway, NYC

So along the mega strip of 42nd Street, we found an awesome corner Bakery/Pie store aptly named, 'Pie Face'. Amongst all the cheesy chain restaurants that you wouldn't be caught dead in, this place was a breath of fresh air!

It's a tiny Bakery, with no seating but a small bar counter top but the window, but most of the space is used for Display cases and ovens, but it's got an awesomely cheery front entrance, cute graphics and something that no one else has, savory pies to go.

Pie Face is a 24 hour operation Bakery and originates from Bondi Beach, Australia where the savory meat pies are so popular.  we're big fans of this place and can see it do really well in New York; it's portable, it's hot and it tastes really really good!

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So you walk up to the counter off the street, (there are stations in front, so you can imagine how long the lines are during lunch hour) and in from is a huge coffee menu.  Unfortunately by the time we arrives, we had OD'd on the Java so we had to pass, but it looked legit, with their Australian Roasts at various strengths, with names like kick my arse, start my heart and open my eyes, it's the perfect nomenclature for die hard New Yorkers!!!

It's real easy to get overwhelmed here; there's pies, mini pies, baguette sandwiches, sausage rolls and pastries all within your immediate sight lines, my head almost exploded with all the choices that I had to make!!!  With all the buttery smells wafting around in the shop, we were delirious with anticipation!  (well, I was..Rick was just rolling his eyes )

After I threw cold water on my face, I was ready to order: I was sure to get the Thai Chicken Curry Pie, and then asked the counter what else was good; she recommended the new BBQ Pulled Pork Pie.  You can also stack up your Pie with Mashed Potatoes, Peas and Gravy.

Gotta say here, the graphics are really cute-I mean, soooo cute!!! I'm so sad that we didn't come here on our first day, cuz I would have stopped by for every meal period: breakfast, lunch, snack, after dinner snack....

So every order goes right into an oven to be warmed up, it takes a little time but worth the wait.  We get everything in a cute paper bag and off we go!  Since there's really no seating inside, the counter said to go out into times Square outdoor seating which was fine, if it wasn't 93 degrees and humid as hell!  We went back to the Hotel Room which we lowered the AC to a freezer box of 68!!!

Now onto the Pies:

So to start off: the Thai Chicken Curry.  First of all it comes in this paper wrapping with a great sticker, then you open it up and theres a paper container where perforated sections make it so easy for you to tear off as you eat your pie!

The Pie crust is so buttery and flakey, I was in heaven; I can't describe to you how savory the pie tasted; the Thai Curry was actually lighter in curry flavor, it tasted almost like a white cream stew with only a hint of the Indian spices.  With Chicken and carrots and potatoes, it's more reminiscent of a European take on Curry, which was still enjoyable.

The next savory delight was the Sausage Roll:

 Again, the Pastry was unbelievably good, and the sausage was different than any other that I've had, with a mixture of Beef and Pork, I can say that it had a different flavor profile.  Afterwards, I realized that there was a ketchup accompaniment that probably could have added to it, but I liked trying it plain. The meat quality was great, not processed at all, with a little grainy bite to it.

Definitely something to try, maybe in the mini version if you're trepidatious.

And the last one is the BBQ Pulled Pork:  with a strong tomato base, it was very different to what I thought it was going to taste like so I was pleasantly surprised!  At first bite, it was a lot of the stew like sauce and thought that the pulled pork had all disintegrated, but then got a chunk of Pork which was soft and savory.

In all, I loved that the flavor palate was different to that what I was used to, which brought me a different culture, unexpected yet very welcomed.  I can't wait to come to Pie Face again to try more of their delicious Pies!

Pie Face Bakery Cafe on UrbanspoonRatings (Out of Five Stars)

Food:          3.5
Ambience   2.5 (wish they had some seating)
Service:      3.75