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Monta Noodle House @ Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas

As comfort food goes, Ramen can be such a go-to meal when it's cold outside (We both sweat WAY TOO MUCH to be slurping noodles in mega hot molten lava broth in the summer)! So during the colder months, we make our way as much as possible to Monta for Ramen....

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Another GREAT facade ruined by parked cars!  (lol)

Walk in.. and Boom you're inside
It's tiny noodle shop, the counter seats ten and five table tops that seats twelve total.  It's open until late at night and it cranks out people like no one's business-prety much there's always a waiting list to get into this place!

And it is well worth it,  the Ramen is some of the best that we have had, (and that includes Japan!  Gasp! Horror! Blasphemy!) but it's true-we went to Hide-Chan Ramen in Fukuoka and the broth wasn't as good as Monta's!

Heaven on a plate

As we always do, there's a couple of things that we order and not much else, (it's hard to venture out when you know a dish is that good).  We start the Japanese journey with an order of the Gyoza; these pork dumplings are perfectly cooked, a crunchy charred exterior that holds in the moist juices of the pork.  Add Sujoyu, (a mixture of Vinegar and Soy Sauce) Rayu (Chili Oil) and some raw garlic, dip these little moon shaped suckers in it and pop' em in your pie hole! 

After you've wet your appetite, it's time move onto the Main Event; the Ramen.  As is, we're partial to the Tonkotsu (Pork Bone) Ramen- the broth is made from simmered Pork Bone, Fat and Collagen which gives it its super rich, almost creamy soup that can easily fill you up and warm your body.  It's most definitely the most satisfying noodle soup on this planet.  And especially since this is a Kyushu dish, (Fukuoka is on the  island of Kyushu) I'm particular to the flavor.  (Japan based on its regions have different tastes and styles to the same dish).  We took Rick's Mom, Jane once and she absolutely loved the Ramen! (She asked if they do take out-she thought it was that good)!  Now we always get her to come out and have Ramen with us-it's like she's getting into my culture!

Monta's Tonkotsu Ramen recipe is from Kurume, (not far from Fukuoka) so it's really close to my heart.  Which is why you won't see me ordering the other Ramen, (there's Shoyu, Miso and Tonkotsu-Shoyu).  One of these days, We'll get to them......

There's a couple of add ons and I would definitely go and order an extra Chashu, (Roasted Pork) these tender slices of heaven are as much as a main character as the Noodles and Broth.  Getting to the Noodles, have you ever had anything better than Ramen Noodles? They're just so unique; chewy and Monta really cooks them right.  We also get the Nitamago, (cooked egg) Takana, (Mustard Leaf) and sometimes Nori, (Seaweed) -the egg for extra protein, the Takana for the vegetable and crunch and Nori for the contrast in texture.  You can also order an extra helping of Ramen Noodles (Kaedama) if you have extra broth, but there's no way I have ever had enough room for that!!!

In the Summertime, they serve Hiyashi-Chuka (Cold Chinese Noodles). It's refreshing and cold perfect for the summer with bits of Chasu, Cucumber, Bean Sprouts, Takana, Egg, Nori, Tomatoes, Scallions and Sesame Seeds over Ramen noodles in a light Soy; it's the best on a hot day!!!

I forgot to mention the Rice bowls that they serve as well; I'm not the biggest fan of these bowls but that just me; a lot of people are raving about them - I'm not really sure why.... But, I know what I like and I'm happy staying on my side of the menu if you know what I mean...The service here is excellent, the waitresses are terribly polite and the the food comes outs really fast! (They need to cuz they have to get people in and out of there)!

Ratings (Out of Five Stars)

Food          4.75
Ambience  4
Service      4.5

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