Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fukuburger Truck, Las Vegas

Happiness is a burger done right!!!

Decal central; wonder if I can stick one on it too?
THE FAVORITE BURGER JOINT IN LAS VEGAS IS FUKUBURGER!!!  Had to type that in all caps, it's that true!!!  We came across this foodtruck a little over a year ago, and after eating every burger in town, this is still the reigning champion of meaty deliciousness!  'Fuku', meaning happiness (I know, it looks a lot like something else-my family is from Fukuoka) we follow their whereabouts in Vegas and make our way over to them when they're in somewhat close proximity!

Definitely a younger, hip, skateboarder cum LA following, the owners have created a Japanesque twist that elevates the All American Classic to new heights...

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With foodtrucks emerging as a viable dining establishment, it's getting harder and harder to shine from the onslaught of mediocrity that you find nowadays. And especially if you go to the food truck nights or festivals, the competition is fierce and your choices boundless.  But with Fukuburger, you can't go wrong.

With six main burger choices, (check their twitter for the burger specials)  we have come to rely on the two all time favorites:  The Tamago Burger and the Chicken Katsu.  From the first time we had these two, it blew our minds right out of our car!  It's pretty pathetic that we actually haven't tried a couple of the others (The Kinoko Burger, The Buta Burger and The Karai Burger)  but it's like when you know you have to have those two, when you drove out there for those two, you gotta get those two.....(one day, we have to starve ourselves and then order all six of them at once).  That'll be a long night afterwards...

So their hamburger meat comes from Larry's Great Western Meats over on Valley View, and the quality is top notch.  This where a great burger start and ends, it should be fantastic with nothing on it, the meat has to be flavorful and rich, (not just greasy and fatty).  So these guys got it right from the start!

So The Tamago Burger; A Fuku Patty (they have their own secret ingredients to make it taste divine) with Teriyaki Sauce and Wasabi Mayo, Furikake (Japanese Bonito Flakes) and then topped with Crispy Haystack Onions and A Fried Egg.  Okay folks, I want to emphasize to you about THE EGG!!!
It's is a perfectly cooked, runny egg that mixes with the burger to create a moist and texturally satisfying combination!  The egg squirts out upon your first bite and runs down your hand and you find yourself sucking it off of everything that it lands on!  These guys have perfected the art of egg frying in such a little, mobile kitchen!  Topped with the creaminess of Mayo and soyness of Teriyaki, we are obsessed with this flavor profile, hands down best burger in Vegas!

The Tamago Burger: image of beauty

The next on the list is the Chicken Katsu-katsu of all kinds are our favorite dish, (Pork, Chicken-fry it and we'll eat it).  I have never had Kastu like the one at Fuku, that is one tender piece of fried chicken. The exterior is fried to a perfect crunch with a deep brown hue while the chicken is moist and soft to the bite!
It's topped with shredded cabbage (an accompaniment with Katsu) Crack and Katsu Sauce. It is the personification of perfection in a paper basket-Foodtruck food heaven!

It's a shame that we also haven't gotten around to their Hot Dogs, but I'm less worried about that.

We've had the Furikake Mac Salad, it's straight up dope-it's Kewpie based, so you know its for real.

But the main side that is a must is the Jazz Fries- it awesome!  It's got Gravy and Crack Sauce on top and again a twist on an American Classic to round off the meal.

I can't say more about Fukuburger, you have to try it once and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.  For those who haven't tried it, or can't get to the Foodtruck, I'm sorry, but you haven't lived!!!

Jazz Fries- another Home Run

The Boyz of Fukuburger
Ratings (out of Five Stars)
Food:           5
Service:       4.5
Ambience:  4

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