Friday, April 20, 2012

Archi's Thai Bistro @ S. Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas

In Vegas, we have a inordinate amount of delicious Thai Cuisine at our fingertips, which is awesome because it's such an accessible food and we could have it everyday, (although I'm not a spicy kind of guy, I can't get enough of Thai food).... I could go on and on about Thai food and the other restaurants that we love, but then we wouldn't have anything for our future posts, so I'll keep it short; in terms of geographic convenience, Archi's Thai Bistro is a really great place to feed your Thai addiction!

Pad See Ew

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As you can see in the previous picture, we have a real bad addiction to Pad See Ew; the Soy coated flat noodles, which has a chewy, satisfying texture along with the crunch of Chinese Broccoli stems and my favorite protein-Pork and Egg it's unbelievably tasty!!

Stuffed Chicken Wings
So I love all the Apps here, but it's impossible to order all of them in one sitting, so, we'll add updates to this post when we've come back and ordered more.  This time, we ordered the stuffed wings; boneless Chicken wings that have been stuffed with minced pork, clear noodles and vegetables that are then deep fried!  It's a miniature, pre-TurDuckEn type of App that, with the Plum Sauce, is a great starter. Protein component, check! Fried component, check!

Other great Apps-Chicken or Pork Satay, with the Peanut Sauces, it's pretty addictive.  As well, the Pla Muk Tod (fishcake) is awesome to tempt your palate before the main event!  The Soups are good too, I just can't have too much cuz I sweat way to much on my head eating hot stuff-but Tom Kha Gai is my favorite

There's just nothing like Thai Curry; I'm partial to Massamum or Penang Curry (I find that the sweeter
curries create a balance with the heat) but I won't turn away a Red, Yellow or Green one from the table!  This time we ordered the Country Curry- a homemade Red Curry with a lot of vegetables in a lighter soup.  It's delectable!

Country Curry

And of course, the Pad See Ew...I've already talked about it above, so I won't bore you guys, but here's a close up:

Pad See Ew


Rating (Out of Five Stars)

Food:            4
Ambience:    3
Service:        4

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