Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pizzeria Delfina @ 18th St, San Francisco

One of our favorite restaurants in SF is Delfina; it serves super tasty food in an intimate, local and unpretentious environment that makes going there a delight (and highly addictive - I'm often caught in the midst of dreaming about their pasta dishes during a high carb withdrawal....)

Well, right next door is their casual spot; Pizzeria Delfina- a very small venue but with a menu that feel like you've arrived in Milan for a quick bite at a uber chic cafe.

The interior: simple and to the point, since it's so small, everything is used to it's utmost efficiency-delivery boxes become decoration, shelves lined with  plates and prepared items on display at the counter-it's modern minimalism with character and whimsey.

Pizza was the easy choice at this establishment, but once we looked at the menu, it got infinitely harder; there were a lot of items that could have easily been devoured, and had I not had the reigns pulled in by Rick, it could have gone gluttonous real fast...

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As it was much simpler, we sat at the counter, where we got a great view of the open kitchen where the hustle and bustle makes the food taste all the better!  And it happened to be the best seat in the house-great view of the dining room as well.  On the long wooden counter, we sat with bottled water, breadsticks and a tiny plate with all the Pizza
condiments made for a last impression on things to come...

There were many choices on the list but we narrowed them down to a manageable few and thus started our leisurely late afternoon lunch.

With our Lemonade at hand, we ordered the Ciccioli on Crostini with Caperberries; a house made meat procured from animal fat, it's richness was delicate and moist which contrasted well with the crunchy bread and with a bite of the sour Caperberry, it was a well composed appetizer!

The next dish was exciting; Chilled Tripe 'Tripperia Style'- a cold dish which preserved the integrity of the organ, adding only minimal hints of flavor to compliment what is a perfect protein to consume.  With Olive Oil, Lemon and Salt develop the already robust texture, it was a cooling dish that sated our hunger until the main event arrived..

The Salsiccia: House-made Fennel Sausage +Tomatoes + Bell Peppers Red Onions + Mozarella.  We also added Hen of the Woods Mushrooms to give it an earthy punch-we died over the Sausage, it really stood out as a powerful entity and combined with Mushrooms, it was delectable infinitissimo! 

So with that, in a city full of endless dining possibilities, we keep coming back our favorites, Delfina is an absolute on that list.  And now we have the Pizzeria to come to as well!

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Food:           4
Ambience:   4
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