Monday, September 10, 2012

Due Forni Pizza & Wine @ South Town Center Dr, Summerlin

There's an uneasy feeling about this post, I don't know why...  Maybe a guilty conscience for betraying our all time favorite Settebello?  I mean, Settebello has everything; great location, supreme Pizza and great service, our loyalty runs deep and strong.

However, the need for exploration trumps loyalty (and we really wanted to see how good the Pizza really is).  We started convincing ourselves that since it was Summerlin, it wasn't cheating, we had to go since we were 'Food Bloggers', we needed to branch out and explore possibilities, we can't be tied downright now, no it's not's me.... really... Sheepishly and incognito, we snuck over to the other side of town to scope out the competition.

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And we were ready to hate this place, how dare they even try to make pizzas in this town when there's Settebello's? We turned the corner and found a full parking lot, a good sign.  The facade was your usual non-descript Vegas dessert beige with little adornment except for the signage.  An enlarged, covered seating area laid empty, due to the hot summer heat.  I was already committing myself to be unimpressed..

As it turned out, the inside revealed a beautiful restaurant; the design modern minimal, stylish with all the current fixtures du jour, but still casual enough to feel comfortable...I was really impressed with the entry service; the Maitre'D was impeccable, congenial and polite and really set the experience on a very high note (remembering my name and repeating throughout the meal)

The restaurant is divided into two sections and area with a Bar designated for Adults, and a main Dining Room area that includes families.  I thought that was a nice touch and very in tune with their customer demographic.  I was really starting to enjoy this place.

As for cocktails, a light summer drink on the menu that had caught our eye was the Hummingbird: 
St.Germain Elderflower liqueur + Prosecco + Club Soda.  The floral fragrance of Elderflower quenched our thirst, while the dry, bubbly counterpart left a refreshing finish.  

What Due Forni had that differentiated themselves from other Pizzerias was their Mozarella Bar: with several choices of cheese and add ons like Roasted Tomatoes and Basil Pesto, it was hard not to fall in love...

We ordered the Classic Mozarella + Taggiasca Olives + Roasted Red Peppers with oven fresh Bread.  Man, was the Bread good!!! The soft creamy texture of Mozarella alone is orgasmic, but spreading the liquid cheese all over Bread makes it close to Nirvana (the place, not the band....that wouldn't particularly pleasant)... Oh, and the sides are a nice touch.

The Pizza selection at Due Forni, compressed and distinguished to a T, you had two style choices for each Pizza: Pizza Napoletana, a traditional crust bread with a chewy bite, and Pizza Romana, a thinner wafer like crispy cracker, each pizza cooked in a different oven (thus the name: Due Forni - two ovens).

And as the main event approached, the anticipation was palpable!  my palms started to sweat, could this be better than I expected? We were advised to order the signature Due Forni: San Marzano Tomatoes+Bufala Mozzarella+House Made Sausage+Nueske's Bacon+Pequillo Peppers, our helpful server gently pointed us out to choose the Neopolitan style with this order.  On a side note, some of the Pizzas are white (no Tomatoes) so be sure to ask before ordering so that you're not surprised when it comes out different than you expected.

And when the Pizza came out, it was beautiful -the proportions of toppings with the bubbly bread was visually magnificent.  And with our first bite, immediately the home made Sausage stole the show!  
I could have just that forever.  The Pizza itself, well it was different than Settebello's, the chewy crust was  for sure softer and fluffy, it all comes down to personal taste at this point, because I thought the Pizza was pretty fabulous!!! 

We had a great dining experience at Due Forni, the service was excellent; our serve was ever so elegant and thoughtful from start to finish, we couldn't have imagined that they would exceed their expectations...  By all definitions, Due Forni has won us over, we loved the drinks and appetizers, would love to try more that they have to offer, and also try a Pizza Romana in a different style. In the end, we will always have our favorite, but now we have another reason to hop on over to the other side for a great time!!

Ratings (Out of Five Stars)
Food:               4
Ambience:       4
Service:          5

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