Monday, September 24, 2012

Eat @ 707 Carson St, Las Vegas

With the energy-charged locomotive of urban rejuvenation happening in Downtown Vegas, it's with much excitement that we ventured our way to it's newest arrival, Eat.

From what I gathered, Eat is a casual venue, similar to a diner, but with a hipper atmosphere and a focus on quality-driven, locally sourced comfort food.  We have been waiting for this kind of establishment for a long time; Vegas definitely needs an urban identity with a sense of community away from commercial strip centers and suburban hubs.  Downtown is growing into it's own, shedding it's identity crisis of yesteryear.

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As the surroundings are still a bit shaky, the actual building was in good solid condition and the parking around the corner gave a sense of safety and comfort (still faintly reminiscent of 'The Walking Dead' with Zombies eerily meandering the streets)....

And as soon as you walk in, you feel a new presence has just emerged, a real sense of place.  We immediately fell in love-the interior is cool but not over-designed, an instantly inviting atmosphere that make you want to stay and enjoy what the kitchen has to offer. I had a terribly good feeling about Eat; and in my mind I was already coming back to eat...

We're gushing over the design and atmosphere, but in all truth; Vegas restaurants outside of the Strip have much to be desired in terms of decor.  Many have great food, but are so lacking in interiors that are actually humane, (not some graphic design nightmare or some catalogue cookie cutter interior), some don't even bother with any decorations-it's bereft of joy...

We were so excited that we decided to sit at the communal table (totally our last choice for seats in normal circumstances, but it was centrally located and we could see the entire room from that table). Loving every moment and excited for our Brunch!

And we were in front of the open kitchen, so we could see all the action! Being that we came on a weekend, Eat was serving the Brunch menu which is our favorite meal of the day!  I was so excited, since I though we had missed breakfast and they had the most interesting items in the morning!

Well, it was at the top of the menu and we couldn't resist ordering the Beignets dusted in Powder Sugar with a side of Jam and Vanilla Marscapone. It was a really great way to start off the meal and it was perfect with the Coffee!  BTW the table is set with Mugs and condiments in the center of the Communal table and Counter which is a great feature - kudos!

I came in thinking I was gonna order one thing, but I ended up really cheating on my cheat day; The Chicken Fried Steak smothered in Country Gravy + Two Eggs Over Easy + Smashed Potatoes + possibly the best Rye Toast I've ever had!!

I relished this dish, the chicken fried steak had the best crunchy texture that contrasted effortlessly  with the creamy/chunky gravy that was....really to die for.  It was a comforting country breakfast that I knew would last me all throughout the day and well into the evening.  The Eggs were cooked perfectly, Ioved scooping up the yolk with the thick cut pieces of Rye toast and the Potatoes sent me into overdrive...

By our waiter's suggestion, Rick order the Huevos Motulenos: Two Eggs Over Easy + Red and Green Chili Sauce + Black Beans + Green Peas + Feta Cheese +Sauteed Banana all on a Corn Tortilla.  WOW...the flavors bursted with vibrance, but the real game changer was the Sauteed Banana-it elevated this dish!! I had no idea that this one ingredient could really create a whole different flavor profile that made me fall head over heels in love! The sweetness toned the hot spicy Chiles and added a gentler texture.

We also ordered a side of the Chicken Apple Sausage which was extremely juicy and satisfying!  There wasn't one thing that we ordered that we wouldn't get again in a heartbeat-everything was amazing....

And as any proud owner would, Chef Natalie came to each table and asked how the meal was, and we couldn't have been more happier with the food, the service and the ambience!  Eat is surely a destination restaurant and a definite must for anyone who has a love for comfort food and desire to patronize local businesses that work so hard to delivery great experiences!  We are devoted fans and will soon become regulars at Eat!!

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