Friday, August 31, 2012

VIncent's Market Bistro @ 3930 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix

We like to go our of our way to try and find F&B venues of all
types; from the down and dirty, the hip and trendy, the cosy and quaint to the greasy and Pepto Bismally......

But I'm always intrigued to arrive in a new town and see where the locals like to eat.. now usually, that usually means a take out burger joint or a greasy spoon.  But in the case of the vast urban Phoenix sprawl with its inorganic population growth, (basically it's three major cities shoved into one) you've got an ever evolving diaspora of generational clusters with it's own microcosm of habitual norms...

The easiest way to observe the human condition is in it's eating habits; we had the pleasure of staying in the Scottsdale area this time, where an intimate little outpost of a Bistro bustles like a hive, hidden away from it's older, larger sibling, Vincent's on Camelback.

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When you're on Camelback Rd, you likely to see Vincent's on Camelback first facing the street.  It's an older, established restaurant in Scottsdale which has slightly faded from the limelight, with a loyal following of astute and mature clientele who enjoy French Cuisine.  

Veering right into the driveway, you're bound to think that you would be entering into the main building (there's really no defined indication on navigating this place) but Vincent's Market Bistro is actually a separate venue all together with it's own quaint casual identity.  

Actually, it's a tricky venue, the awning and front foliage is the only indication of it's presence and with the entryway to the side, it's hard to get a direct view inside to confirm that it's open... But upon entry, you're transported into a whole different world...

It's by definition, a quintessential Bistro from Provence; Venetian plastered walls drenched in Sunflower Gold, color ridden tablecloths with Wooden chairs and mirrored ceiling with stencils and faux wood beams; this restaurant is the Disneyland of Bistro hodge podge...but I like it a lot!

What really got me at hello was the plate of home baked Croissants with Strawberry Jam delivered to our table; not entirely Bistro protocol, but at that point, who cared?  I mean, is there any wrong occasion for buttery Croissants?? It was devoured immediately, only to be refilled in an instant, like a wish fulfilled from the Croissant Genie!!!

What was true to it essence was the menu: I found old favorites like Coq au Vin and Country Quiche.  And the price point was definitely not French!

The Coq au Vin was too irresistible to pass up, and when it came to our table, it delivered as promised; a wonderfully rich Bourgogne sauce covered Chicken leg on top of an equally decadent mound of Mashed Potatoes.  With portions that would satisfy the French diet, the rich dish sated our American belly...  And looking at the other tables, it seemed that it did equally well around the room... 

And what would be a price fix course at Vincent's without our knowledge, a complimentary dessert arrived.  It was really cute actually, the whole experience-kinda felt transported into the surreal Hybrid of French American cuisine...

All in all, Vincent's is a great place for Lunch where you can escape the brutal Phoenix sun and stay, cool and relaxed in the French countryside for the afternoon.

Ratings (Out of FIve Stars)
Food:                  2.75
Ambience:          3
Service:              2.5

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