Monday, August 13, 2012

Flour + Tea @ Arroyo Parkway, Pasadena

Deep in the suburban crevices of picture perfect Californicana, breathes a melody of diversity; a synthesis of cultures evolving the culinary landscape.  Much like the French once dominated the baked goods domain, now it has become the Asian Bakeries that invigorate and inject a new set of savory carbs.

Flour + Tea is a Bakery/Tea Shoppe with just these Eastern influences permeating all the goods you see inside, from the Tea selections and styles of cool refreshments, to the breads, sandwiches and confectionaries-they are as exotic as familiar, if not in some innovative iteration; Mochi breads, Red Bean Pastes filled Doughnuts, Sausage Rolls and Curry breads.

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Located on the ground floor of a residential complex, Flour +Tea's remote location ensures it's customers are local and determined, I decided to walk there, and while not far from any specific center of activity-it was somewhat of a trek...the unusual outdoor exercise (without the use of a machine) somehow activated the hollow of my stomach- I was ready for some Iced Tea to cool me off and baked goods to sate my hunger.

The interior is, for the most part modern minimalist with a hint of industrial (faint reminiscence to baking factories), but, in an unexpected twist, right front and center lies the gratuitous communal ode to perhaps, Chinese tea culture? (which doesn't explain the metallic orbs dangling from the ceiling) many styles in such a small space...confusion confusion...

But back to the goods- you walk in and immediately, shelves of packaged delectables greet you with their endless potential; picking up the obligatory tongs and tray, it's like picking puppies at the pet store-you want to take all of them home with you.....(and the analogy stops there.....)

The selection is diverse so choosing can be an all day affair, from the sweet, (Mochi Breads, Custard Filled Rolls) to the savory Sausages and Ham + Cheese, it's like you have think long and hard as to what you're in the mood for..

The primary confection seemed to be what is called the 'Cloud', cross between a mouse and sponge cake . We picked the Earl Grey Tea Cloud, which was flowed with them of the shop.  A great, light dessert, it's perfect option for an afternoon snack.

Earl Grey Tea
Coconut Milk Cream
But I digress, since we were there in the morning, we felt like a sweet and savory: here's a montage of the our selection:

Two Sausage + Cheese
Coconut Bread

Whole Wheat Walnut Raisin
Not to forget the other equally important component of Flour + Tea; the Tea section is as elaborate as it's accompaniment.  The other half of the store is lined with jars of loose leaf teas; as for drinks, the flavored Ice Teas are definitely an Asian contemporary taste.  It's how the modern, Asian contemporaries enjoy a long standing tradition, and quite frankly, I love it!!!  We ordered the Black   Sugar Shaken Milk Tea.

It was recommended by Johnston, who runs the store; seeing as I've actually never had the Black Sugar Milk Tea, why the hell not?  As it turns out, it's a terribly familiar and comforting flavor, super sweet, strong Iced Tea with that Molasses flavoring almost makes it it's own dessert!  I had not problem  finishing this drink in record time, we could have had more in fact, if it weren't for the calories...

Flour + Tea is such a great addition to our list of must-go-to places in Pasadena, that in fact we're trying to make our way back there asap just so we can spend our mornings at F+T...

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