Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Paper or Plastik Cafe @ West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles

Down along Pico Street, You may be surprised to find a coffee shop housed in an industrial building, prominently taking corner real estate in an otherwise semi-desolate area.  And upon further inspection, you notice the unusual architecture, with modern awnings combined with the warehouse windows, it has a definite hipster hippie vibe with some found/object design incorporated into it...

It's always exciting to find a new coffee venue to explore, with as much coffee as we drink, we should be trying a new coffee shop everyday...wishful thinking and delusional on our part, but one can dream.....

Paper & Plastik is definitely a bohemian environment, it's got a loft like interior with industrial fixtures, and an organic mixture of furniture with a dance(?) studio attached in the rear-it's truly a melange of paradoxes; a coffeehouse with an identity crisis?

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Once you walk inside, you're transported into another environment, the architectural interiors rustic and unpretentious while still being tres cool.  It's relatively quiet, a calming sensation dominates the room.  It's a coffeehouse for locals (no tourists come  this far) and so you have a familiarity between patrons, a running game o' chess at one table, dancers reposing post-dance-a-thon with a pot of Lapsang Souchong, the hipster Barista du jour pouring hot water over the filters filled with grounds of energy.

I'm happy to say that we're big fans of Paper or Pastik, the coffee is as gourmet as all the other artisan java stops, but this one has a genuine, local Kava culture that while, happy to have discovered this gem, wishes that it would be left intact, unsullied by the likes of us interlopers .


Paper or Plastik Cafe on UrbanspoonRatings (Out of Five Stars)
Coffee:             3
Ambience:        4.5
Service:            3.5