Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Katz's Delicatessen @ 205 East Houston Street, NYC

While the New York trip was my homecoming, it was also an opportunity to visit old haunts..

On the Lower East Side, there lies a culinary landmark, an ode to the New York Style Delicatessens shining a beacon of glistening fat, beckoning to carnivores all over the country.

Katz's is a New York institution; a culmination of where diverse classes of real New Yorkers dine together democratically, a well ordered society ruled by the love of Pastrami....a Brisket Utopia if you will...

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Upon entering the Temple of Mastication, you're given a ticket (like at the butchershop); upon exiting you return it along with the check.

The interior is a museum/mausoleum to traditional Deli ambience; Wood paneled walls completely covered with photos of many faces; famous and the less so, accompanied with what seems to be the owners and his offspring.

The counters are always lined with diners waiting to submit their order, a constant chaos while on the other side of the counter, a calm cool collective of workers melting slices off of huge slabs at their own pace. The meat just fall off by themselves, these guys slice like they're playing the violin

Hmmmm, so we had to get the Pastrami Brisket combo on Rye with Mustard and Pickles on the side-thick slices of Brisket and Hot juicy Pastrami, one sandwich was enough to fill us both!  It brought back great memories of my childhood and it was even better that Rick was there to share it with me!

We had to get the Latkes, fried potato pancakes with a side os Sour Cream and Apple Sauce-it's a great accompaniment to our heart, meaty smorgasbord...

Of course, we had to get Dr. Brown's Cream Soda to drink and Sauerkraut on the side to compliment our meal.

Overall, it was a one-of-a-kind dining experience only found in New York!

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Food:                  3
Ambience:          2
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