Sunday, May 27, 2012

Legends Salmon Bar @ First Street, La Conner

Open grill perfect for Salmon!

We were totally excited for our road trip from Seattle to Vancouver, and along the way, the guides said to take the coastal roads through the small towns.  (Check out out post for Tulip Town, it's pretty amazing)!!   One of the towns that we came across is La Conner - an artist enclave with restaurants and art galleries filled with bric-a-brac that made this stop pretty unique!  It was a very, very popular town, even though getting there wasn't entirely easy.

As is our ability to eat at any time of the day (a skill that we have acquired through years of training and discipline)  we wandered around Main Street to find the perfect place.  Now there's a lot of attractive restaurants in La Conner, and looking at the patrons, they all seemed to be quite satisfied with their meals.  but it was this one place, and outdoor shack, that drew our attention: Legends Salmon Bar.

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Here's some images of La Conner:

Main Street with Antique Stores


There's such beauty in La Conner..

So much to show...yet not enough space (or words that I can come up with to describe them to you.....)


So a picture is worth a thousand's my dissertation..

       .....gimmee my PHD........

So Legends Salmon Bar is an outdoor shack located on a dock and the seating area has a great view of the Skagit River.  Being that it was an incredibly warm and sunny day, it couldn't have been better timing for us to enjoy the outdoors!

The Salmon is grilling on an open Alder wood smoker which is it's calling card from blocks away; you can smell that wonderful fish that subliminally beckons you to come...

There was no doubt in our mind; we had to order the Salmon!!!! And it was absolutely glorious!  So fresh and moist, there was no other comparison to what we've had before-the color of the salmon; the deepness of flesh that exhumed flavor, fecund with fresh and saltwater in its cells.

Known for its Frybread, Legends is Native American cuisine at its finest. Pure and simple, the Frybread alone is enough to come here, dough that is deep fried and then smothered in butter, it an artery clogging experience not be missed.....

We also order the Crab Sandwich; with the freshness of the sea, the Frybread almost overwhelmed the taste, but still delicious!

But as is with trips like these, it's not only the quality of the food, it's the environment and the people that you meet along the way.  The ladies and gentlemen that run Legends own a warmth and unadulterated way of life that make you want to rethink your own daily program.....

Ratings (Out of Five Stars)

Food:             4
Ambience:      5
Service:          5

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