Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Katsu Burger @ East Marginal Way, Seattle

So when we first knew that we were heading to Seattle and Vancouver, I immediately poured over every food website and blog to see what I could discover, on Eater they showed the, 'Eater Seattle Heat Map'12' (sizzle sizzle....crack) and on it was Katsu Burger.  Intrigued, I had to know further (I did I did) as it sounded like my two most favorite food items combined into one!! Could it be? Was this a sign from the Hindu Elephant God Ganesha, with his multiple arms reaching over to me beckoning  me to enter Gluttonous Nirvana?!?!?

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 So, to preface, this place is way out of the center of the downtown area and inconvenient for tourists, (the only we were able to swing by was on the way to the airport and the LEED certified Starbucks) unless you're gonna make your way to the Museum of Flight down the street.

But it's worth it!  The owner Hajime Sato, started off his culinary entrepreneurism with Mashiko, Seattle's first sustainable Sushi Bar and Restaurant, (check out his website, it's pretty funny about his mantra-'shut up and eat'...and  how traditional  Japanese music reminds him of elementary school and death).

When you walk in, you get a feeling that it's a fun place to be, offbeat colored walls, large open kitchen counter, world map with pins placed on the origins of customers who have eaten there, (we're the first from Vegas! Yay!)

So the Main offering here is Beef Burgers that are dipped inTempura Batter and then covered in Panko breading and then fried....OMG what is this heaven of deliciousness?!?! They also do it in a pork and chicken cutlet as well as Tofu (bleah bleah).

Kinako & Black Sesame Milkshake
Let's start off with drinks, it was going to be an all out gluttony, (it was our last meal in the great Pacific Northwest) and we wanted to go out with a bang!  The special milkshake: Kinako and Black Sesame, combined two of my favorite ingredients so it a was a perfect Asian counterpart of an American classic!

Starting off with the Fries, we tried the Shoestring Fries, one order with Curry and the other with Nori Seasoning with a Wasabi Mayonnaise and Tonkatsu Dipping Sauce.  The portions here are huge, they come in a Chinese to go box and it is filled to the brim with lots of fries, we couldn't finish one order, much less two!! But it was well worth it, they were yummy; fried to a crisp, the seasonings were original and the sauces added to the flavor profile. I really thought they were some of the best fries we've had!

Godzilla Attack: OMG!

Godzilla Cross Section
Boy, these are not small portions!!  First of all the patty itself is sizable, then you have the condiments and then the bun itself is pretty huge, so it makes for a good meal!  All the components are very soft and juicy, so it does goes down very smoothly, (some burgers goes down like a rock and stay in your stomach like a boulder) and frying the burger locks the meat juices in.  The Godzilla Attack: Fried Beef Patty with Pepper Jack Cheese, JalapeƱos, Spicy Mayo and Tonkatsu Sauce.  This is a flavor packed punch - the spice level is higher than expected, but I loved the burger!!!! Would love to have ordered others as well, (next time the Samurai Select: Fried Beef Patty with Bacon, Pineapple, Japanese Mayo and Teriyaki Sauce).

Ninja Deluxe: 

Ninja Deluxe Cross Section
The Ninja Deluxe:  Fried Pork Cutlet with Cheddar, Bacon, Japanese Mayo and Tonkatsu Sauce.  As a Tonkatsu addict, it was hard not to love this, it had all the right components:  a thick Pork cutlet fried perfectly combined with the components of a classic Bacon cheeseburger, this is the new American Classic, (I just love fried foods with Mayo, and the Japanese Mayo has a interesting tang similar to Tartar....) Add the Crunch of the Cabbage (a must with Tonkatsu) and you've got the prefect meld of both worlds...

So we left Seattle with our bellies full and satisfied, and it won't be long before we dream of coming back here and eating the rest of the menu, it's delicious!!!

Ratings (Out of Five Stars)

Food:          4.75
Ambience:  4
Service:      4

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