Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In N' Out Burger, Various Locations

Going through all the gourmet burgers that we rifle thru on a regular basis, once in a while it's nice to go to a fast food joint to get a regular, good ole' fashioned burger without having to feel like you've sold your soul to the evil incarnate...

Coming from the East Coast, In N' Out was this idolized burger business model which marketed fresh ingredients in a super paired down list and even a secret menu which gave those in the know, 'an insider elite status' (it was even brought up during class at The Hotel School...although I wouldn't call it a menu, rather a variation on existing items )  But, In N' Out has that evolutionized mystique, a cross between nostalgia, fast-food fare with that healthy, Californian fresh-food zeitgeist that dupes all of us into believing that we're eating healthy and saving the dolphins with each purchase...

With that said, the burgers, the architecture along with its core values has become a staple in the West Coast culinary landscape and it's always on the list of places we go to grab something quick and delicious, (it's really bad that there's one across the gym...)

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2x4 'Animal Style'
It's a pretty simple menu, and going there is no brainer, but we like to get a couple of things different;
for the burger, it's always a 2x4,  (a double double - two beef patties with extra cheese -four slices) and get it, 'Animal Style' where the patty is Mustard Grilled, with Grilled Onions, Thousand Island Dressing and Extra Pickles.  You can ask for the Burger to be, 'Medium Rare' for it be pink in the middle, (sometimes well done can be too tough for me) all in all, it's got great flavor and the Beef shines through above all the condiments....

For the Fries, it's got to be, 'well done' (cooked until they're extra crispy).  I don't know, but maybe because they cut the fries fresh, they can be chewy/soggy so when you order well done, they come out crunchier.  on top of that, we order them, 'Animal Style' as well; that's with Melted Cheese with Grilled Onions and Thousand Island Dressing on top.  You have to eat it with a fork and it's decadent!!! Wash it down with a Root Beer Float, (Root Beer with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Creams) and you're back in the 50's, beeboping to the jukebox after school with girls in hoop skirts and neckerchiefs swung to the side!!!!

In fact, I feel like having In N' Out right now.... gotta run!!!!

Ratings (Out of Five Stars)

Food:            4
Ambience:    3.5
Service:        3.5

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