Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Supannee House of Thai, @ Shelter Island Drive, San Diego

So it was inevitable that at some point on our San Diego trip, we would have to have Thai food; and so on our last day, right before we ran to airport on our way home, we had lunch at Supannee House of Thai Restaurant in a beach town of Shelter Island.  I don't know why, but Thai is particularly tasty when it gets hot out, maybe it's all the sweet and spicy flavors so savory in the summer!

Located in a commercial center, it's a quaint little grouping of shops and restaurants; but be aware, parking is really tight in the front lot! (narrowest parking lines I've ever seen....)

The Town of Shelter Island has got an awesome sleepy beach community feel to it, the townsfolk strolling along the avenues, reading newspapers, and quietly join about their day, it's so funny that it's so close to the airport and Downtown...

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The interior design is a lot more contemporary and modern than one would have imagined, given the quaint, beachy, cottage-like exterior of the commercial in which it's situated.

We detoured off our goto drink-the Limeade; it's so refreshing and makes the perfect liquid accompaniment. Alas, they didn't have it, so instead, we order the Lemongrass Ice Tea, a delicious blend of Herb and Caffeine.

Menu Roundup:
Drinks:         Lemongrass Iced Tea
Appetizers:  Golden Lady Fingers
                    Pad Prig Khing with Pork
Mains:         Penang Curry with Chicken

We started off the appetizers with a menu item that really interested me, the Golden Lady Fingers: juicy Prawns marinated in Garlic, Parsley and other Thai Spices then wrapped in a wonton skin and deep fried to a crisp.  At first glance, it actually looks very close to its name, (a little cannibalistic) but after your first bite, you're gonna fall in love with this simple dish, and envision the name inferring a group of ladies dining on these delectables as an afternoon snack.

Normally, we don't order off the Lunch Menu, but seeing as we on a 'harm reduction' stint, it looked like a better proportioned option (and you get various accoutrements that otherwise you would miss out).  A favorite of ours:  The Pad Prig Khing - a dish comprised mostly of Green Beans in a Prig Khing Sauce that has a kick to it.  It came with a Spring Roll, some Pickled Thai Vegetables and a Watermelon slice that kinda all worked together, not bad for the price.

And as we crave Curry, we had to get the Penang, a creamy curry dish with Coconut Milk, Kaffir Leaves with Red Peppers and carrots, The Penang Curry is best with Chicken!  This I would have loved to have more, and regretted ordering the Lunch portion; definitely between the both of us we could have easily polished off the full main portion!

The service was warm and pretty attentive, I would definitely come back to Shelter Island and Supannee's to try some more dishes here when we're having our Thai cavings!!!

Supannee House of Thai on UrbanspoonRating (Out of Five Stars)

Food:          3
Ambience:  2.75
Service:      3