Saturday, December 1, 2012

SmashBurger @ 9101 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas

Okay, so let's be honest here; I've pretty much f*^ked my diet and thrown in the garbage..... then taken it out of garbage, shoved it down my throat then crapped it down the toilet.....okay scratch this introduction......start over...

On my occasional sojourn towards the Western hemisphere of Sin City, I have a list of places where I want to eat to review, but about the time I've reached the front doors of those yet-to-be-ventured dining establishments I scrap it, turn myself around and go to Smashburger- the best brick and mortar burger joint in town.

Now that consuming Burgers has virtually become a weekly event for me, I've decided to embrace my vices and dive in deep....real deep.  There and only there, will you find Smashburger; the mother load of decadence and flavor, your hands will smell of burger grease, onions and cheese for days.

Smashburger: Smash. Sizzle. Savor.  Catchy right?  Well, to be honest, they deliver a pretty amazing burger: the quality of meat is there (Angus Beef Meatball) which is smashed on the grill (giving it it's imperfect shape) sprinkled with heavenly Smash seasoning while on the grill which is then placed on top of a Butter Toasted Egg Bun.

I have only ordered one Burger here, the Sin City: The Smash Size (1/3 lbs.) + Fried Egg + Applewood Smoked Bacon + American Cheese + Grilled Onions + Haystack Onions + Smash Sauce on an Egg Bun.  And it will probably be the only Smashburger I will ever order, it is perfection! There's just an overload of flavors, the juiciest Burger that you will ever encounter; the rich Egg and Cheese proteins just coats your mouth like no other, the combo of Grilled and Haystack Fried Onions is a double punch of decadence - it's a flavor windfall with each bite.

As for Fries, I'm partial to Smash's Signature: Fries (well cooked) tossed with Rosemary + Olive Oil and Garlic.  I like the Italian twist that Smash offers, and since I can't find that anywhere in a fast food establishment, I get it every time. (they Sweet Potato Smash Fries are yummy too!)

By the time you're almost finished, you're hands and mouth are coated with a glorious glistening of rendered oil, and with an almost animal like post-mortem, you're overcome with a sense of calm satisfaction, like a pack of lions that have finished masticating a helpless (yet yummy) antelope. (calm down PETA- I'm too insignificant to be in the crosshairs of your bitter venom..)

Suffice it to say, Smashburger has the best burger in town and the reason why I go to the other side to get my fix?  Because if I start going the one closer to where I live, I would be there every day and be 400 lb. (worth every pound)

Ratings (Out of Five Stars)
SmashBurger on UrbanspoonFood:           5
Ambience:   4.5
Service:        5