Monday, January 28, 2013

Pizzeria Bianco @ 623 East Adams Street, Phoenix

I love a wood fired oven Pizza; it's classic but overlooked cooking method that makes such a difference; from the roasted, smokey toppings to the carbon black, speckled, crunchy carb bottom, it's an all-in-one (every major food group: carbs and yum) gift from heaven.

Pizzeria Bianco is nationally recognized as one of the best Pizzerias in the U.S. and having passed by on numerous occasions, the wait time can be as long as three hours!  Thank god it was relatively bearable outside and there's no denying that the surroundings are quaint, just remember to eat right before you'll be hungry by the time you're seated.

On second hand, scratch that; it was pretty hot and humid(?) outside, (I've surmised that Phoenix has only one week of pleasant weather out of an otherwise, blistering, boil-sucking year.  If Vegas heat is  purgatory, Phoenix's is purgatory's older, uglier decrepit, pervy uncle...with 'Scorpion King' armageddon size dust storms)......Pretty though.....

If you do ever get a chance to visit Phoenix, it would behoof you to take a leisurely stroll Downtown to Heritage Square; although it encompasses a very small area, it's a really beautiful place to hang out, there's a couple of restaurants (Nobuo at Teeter House, Pizza Bianco and bars (Bar Bianco, The Rose & Crown) where you could spend hours hopping around these venues and feel fully sated from a well rounded evening.

And once you've finally entered inside, you can see why the wait is so long, it's a one room, 42 seat dining space including an open kitchen and full bar.  But due to its landmark authenticity, it oozes of atmosphere, a historical continuance of multiple purposes housed within one structure through time, a micro European village if you will...

With the owner Chris Bianco and his staff making his famous Mozarella fresh every morning, I had to have a taste; with locally grown Tomatoes, Basil picked from their own herb garden and Olive Oil it's a great way to arouse the appetite, and with the bread aroma filling the room, you're inhaling carb vapors and getting hungrier by the minute.  Thank god I ate before I came...oh wait, I didn't.

And for Pizza, we I ordered the 'Wiseguy' (how fitting):  with Wood-Roasted Onions, House Smoked Mozzarella and Fennel Sausage with ripped Basil on top, it looked sooooo delicioso!!!!

And it was;  good combination of great ingredients, the crust was definitely a main character in the dish, and I LOVED the Fennel Sausage.  I am partial to a thinner crust, but totally respect the time and care in Bianco's preparation of his dough.  I love me some carbs and this fulfills that quota!!

Pizzeria Bianco is a must, but be prepared to wait....they have a Bar next door so that makes waiting a better experience.  And eat before you go!

Pizzeria Bianco on UrbanspoonRatings (Out of Five Stars)
Food:            3.75
Ambience:    4.5
Service:         4