Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Boudin Bakery @ Fisherman's Wharf, SF


So a trip to SF is always a great escape for us: we know it's gonna be breezy, if not chilly...and definitely hilly!!!  So we know we can bulk up and eat a little more, since we're walking all over and burning off calories.. And What better way than to go to Boudin.

The last time we were at The Wharf, we passed by Boudin Bakery and salivated over the New England Chowder in a Sourdough Bread Bowl, and so it became our prime directive this trip to go inside, amongst all the tourists, and get ourselves this San Francisco treat!

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So when you're visiting the Wharf, it's hard not to notice the Boudin Factory which houses several different functions: a restaurant called Bistro Boudin, a Marketplace
with Boudin Cafe and a Baker's Museum and Demonstration Bakery, which is a lot of things, people and activities!

So we opted to run into Baker's Hall and get ourselves the infamous soup in the edible bowl, and was overwhelmed with all the action; there's products all over along with moving overhead racks with baskets full of bread and even a Peet's Coffee!  

The Counter at Boudin Cafe was the greatest, it's where all the action took place; workers behind the counter furiously cutting bread and filling it with piping hot liquids, it a total food assembly line!  And we ordered, paid, and waited with a dozen other eager and hungry mouths, just salivating and waiting to slurp some soup!

And the wait was definitely worth it!  I had some reservations before, I had it in my mind that it was gonna be a thick slurry of cream and heaviness, plus the added weight of the bread had made me reluctant to order this on many menus (maybe that time at Panera Bread scared the wits out of me...)

But this was totally different; the Clam Chowder had the right consistency, a light creamy with clam broth was easy to the palate, it went down smoothly without the heaviness.  And the bread, the BREAD!  It was soft and light, great sour flavor without the stale hardness that you sometimes imagine with bread bowls...It had soaked up the Chowder inside it's cells that made you just wanted to rip off the sides and devour!  You had to pace yourself to get the entire experience and it did not make you feel full and bloated, another fear I had with this dish.  I could have gotten back in that line and gotten another one right off the bat!

And so with another great place in SF to get a great meal in an otherwise touristy haven, it gave us the fuel to get back to do our hill climbs through the neighborhood of fog and mist.

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